Hey Mum, get in the photo!

Often when I have an enquiry for a photoshoot, it's from a mum or grandmother who just wants "photos of the kids, I don't need to be in them". So, this blog is for all the mums (and grandmothers!) out there who hate getting in photos!

I totally get it, I don't really enjoy being in photos either, maybe that's why I enjoy being behind the camera so much haha! I totally understand that being in photos can be daunting for some, but I can't stress enough how important it is for your family to have everyone included!

Think about the photos you look back on that have your own mum or dad in them. I'll bet the first thought that pops into your head is one of love and warmth.

I recently saw an article online where a woman had shared the ONLY photo she had of her family that included her husband, who had sadly passed away. The photo was so out of focus you could hardly recognise them, and it was all she had of her whole family together. Her message? Take the photos! She thought there was time so hadn't organised family photos and was encouraging everyone to do it. Here's the link to her story if you want to read more.

I couldn't agree more. I'm not talking about just professional family photos but just get everyone together on the couch..right now if they're all there with you...and take the photo! You can use the self-timer on your phone so you can be in it too, go do it! Then print it!

I love looking back at photos from my childhood that include my parents, like this one with mum. Dad was quite the photographer!

It is so important to your own kids that they have beautiful photographs of their whole family to look back on.

So mums, do what you have to to feel as comfortable as possible in your family photos.

Here's some tips!

* Have your hair and makeup done if that's your thing

* Choose your favourite outfit then choose your family's clothing to suit it

* Long sleeves are always a great idea if you're insecure about arms

* Jeans are fine!

* Use accessories (jewellery, scarves, belts etc) to add texture to your outfit

* Do whatever it is that puts you in your happy place for your shoot!


Here's some examples of beautiful family portraits with mum to inspire you!

I promise you that your kids will love their family portraits when they include every member of the family, not just them!


I also encourage everyone to print print print! Please don't leave your beautiful photos hidden away on a USB drive that may not work in 5 years time because technology has moved on! Put them in an album or put them on your wall to be enjoyed! 

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Can't wait to get to know you and your family at your next family photo shoot!