Shearing time! | Bathurst Photographer

The busiest time on the farm for us is shearing and this year was no different! We were lucky enough to score great weather in August so we were all done within the week, no wet sheep!

I was employed (when I say I was employed, Mum & Dad fed me and gave me a bed for the week, it's really a holiday for me haha!) as rouseabout and after the first day all my muscles were screaming at me to pack up and go home. Every year at shearing time I find muscles I didn't know existed or that they could ache so much. As "rousie", depending on how many shearers are on the board, you can do well over 400 squats a day to pick up the fleeces...ouch!

Even so, I love this time of year. It's the culmination of looking after thousands of sheep so well for the last 12 months that they have produced beautiful soft, fine wool.

These images are just a few of the many I captured during the week (most of the ones in the shed while Mum or Dad were back from mustering so I had time to take a few shots without having wool piling up on the board hee hee!).