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Have you ever really thought about why you do what you do? I was looking back through some very old photos of my family today and realised that recording a moment in time for your family is exactly why I do what I do! It's also why I encourage each one of you to get your photos printed and displayed.

Why is printing so important? Because in the days, weeks, months and years to come you will have something tangible to hold and look back on.

I can remember vividly the pure joy and excitement I experienced a few years ago when my great aunt Elsie brought out some photos of our family that I had never laid eyes on before. To see the people that had come before us was just magical! To show you what I mean, here are a few of those beautiful (if somewhat grainy!) photos.

Esther and John James Storey with two of their children, Elsie and George at their home in Wattle Flat NSW c. 1924. I love the way little George is looking down at Elsie, it's these little moments that I love to record in our family photo sessions!

The Kneale children at Wattle Flat.

Don't you just love their expressions?! They had probably been told "DON'T MOVE!"

My great-grandmother Sybil Irene Maher (known as Mum Maher) on the right near Mulwala, VIC c.1912. I just adore this photo of the girls posing by the river, don't you!

And here is me as a bub! This photo was taken by my dad who started my interest in photography when I was just a kid, teaching me how to use his slr film camera.

So don't hide away your photos on any number of USB sticks or just post them to social media, bring them out into the world for you, your family and friends to enjoy! Future generations will thank you!

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Kim :)