Want to know the secret to getting natural smiles? | Central West NSW Photographer

How do I get get gorgeous natural smiles from kids? I don't just say "smile!"

It's that easy! (In theory heehee!)

Occasionally I might ask your kids to smile but I can nearly guarantee that those shots won't be the ones we all love, because all you get is "cheese".

So when it's all getting a bit crazy at your shoot don't panic and pull your kids in to line, let them go because I WILL be getting the shot! I'll try getting siblings to make each other laugh, getting the kids to pull a funny face or run to a particular spot in the paddock and jump.

Even though it might seem like chaos, trust that it's all part of my plan and I am getting shots of those gorgeous natural smiles we love!

Here's a few examples of the shots that come from mucking around and having fun!

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