Eeeek!!! What do I wear? | Central West Photographer

What you wear to your family photo shoot is key to it's success. Did you just freak out a little bit at that statement? There's no need to, the main thing is that you feel happy and comfortable! 

Here's some things to think about when choosing your family's outfits.

Casual & Comfortable:

If you feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing it tends to show through in your photos. Jeans are always a good option and girls if you're self-conscious about arms (like I am!) long sleeves are a great option!


Add splashes of colour and texture by adding scarves, hats, jewellery, boots or even an umbrella!

Location and Seasons:

For light locations like early morning, out in paddocks, or a white room for baby shoots; light tones and colours can work really well. In darker locations like a green garden or park, darker tones like navy and green look great. Autumn colours in autumn and pastels in spring also work great and will give your photos an extra pop!

Don't match and avoid block white: not all wear the same colour! Instead choose a colour or two and pick clothes in tones of those one or two colours.

Consider environment:

Are you planning to order a large print to put on your wall? Try and find clothing that you can wear on the day that will complement your home or room colours!

Plain is best and layer:

Clothing should complement your photos. Please avoid any logos, bold patterns or cartoon characters. Use block colours and add belts, scarves or hats to add interest.

Bring props:

Make your session a little different by incorporating a prop or child's favourite toy. We can use props like bubbles, tricycles or lollipops. However please note we'll do this right at the end of the session to avoid any tears if we try to get photos without the props!

Consider the details:

Hide that bra-strap, get your hair done, have clean nails...these are things you will notice later and wish you'd thought of! If it's windy consider tying hair up.


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