Where my happy place is and how you can get it too! | Central West Photographer

Where is my happy place? Sitting in front of a sunset, camera or no camera (although if it's epic, I'd be seriously freaking out if I didn't have my camera on hand haha!).

So no matter what sort of day I've had, I'm so thankful that now I can take the time to watch the sunset. Every single one is different. They're not always spectacular but there is always beautiful colour either just before or just after the sun goes down.

I love taking the time out to sit there with my camera and watch the sky change. While I know not everyone has the time to do this, I love that you can put one of these beautiful sunsets on your wall to look at any time you want. Here's a few of the sunsets I have captured for your enjoyment!

Any of these images can be purchased as unframed prints, just send me an email info@avalindphotography.com.au