The ugly truth about cheap prints...I was shocked!

So you've just had your family photo session and you're looking through your gallery of beautiful images. You choose your favourites (or the whole lot!), now what? Do you purchase prints or digital negatives?

When you purchase digital negatives, I always include a proof print from my professional print lab so that you can see what your images should look like in print. I have always done this because I have seen print comparisons from other photographers showing some undesirable results from the cheaper printers. 

I wanted to see the comparison myself from images I have taken and I've got to say, I was absolutely shocked! I sent the exact same file to four different printers. The prints from the cheapest printer were AWFUL! The colours, contrast and sharpness where all totally off from the image file that I provided. I am more than a little horrified that you could be receiving disappointing results like these.

So the results?

My professional lab:

Love love love! As always they do such an amazing job and I've never been disappointed!

Harvey Norman (& Big W)

So I actually had them printed at Harvey Norman AND Big W but they use the same system and the prints were basically the same quality. When I got them back I thought, "oh they're ok" and was a little disappointed that they weren't shocking (haha!)...HOWEVER, when I put them beside my pro-lab prints, ugh! The difference was huge. They weren't bright at all and the tones were way off.

OK, so being the scrooge that I can sometimes be, I thought I'd test out the cheapest printer I could find. They arrived in the mail and on opening the envelope I think I stood there at the mailbox (because I was too excited to wait until I got to my house only meters away to open it!) gaping at these HORRID prints. What has happened to my gorgeous images? They were grey and lifeless!

Why is there such a difference you ask?

I calibrate my monitor to exactly match my professional print lab. This is so that I know my prints are going to look EXACTLY as I see them on my screen. Bright and warm with beautiful skin tones! I also choose the paper. I use only the best from a range of different papers on offer that will stand the test of time and not fade.

Because poor quality printing reflects badly on my business I now offer significant discounts on prints, canvases and aluminium prints when you purchase digital negatives. This way you have beautiful professionally printed products to adorn your walls and my business is also displayed in the best possible light, it's a win for both of us! (If you've purchased digital negatives from me and now would like some prints, please get in touch as I will still provide the discounts!)

Moral to the story?

If you have invested time, effort and money in having your family photos captured by a professional photographer, you can follow through on that investment by having quality prints of those images! You certainly do get what you pay for when it comes to photographic prints!

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