My favourite things....Instagram accounts!

This month's "My favourite things" blog is all about the instagram accounts I'm loving right now.

My intention with these blogs was to keep it at 10 each time....really hard to do this time so there's a few extras this month haha!

I love instagram accounts that run by people who are genuine and real, who share their own personal stories through beautiful photographs. Be sure to check each of these out, they're amazing!

1. Graziher

The instagram account for Graziher magazine. So many photos of amazing rural women!

2. Sophie Hansen

Sophie runs Local is Lovely and also the My Open Kitchen podcast. Her instagram feed is just beautiful!

3. Life in the Mulga

Chris shares stories and photographs of her everyday life in far western NSW.

4. Em & the Wildthings

Now this is a gorgeous feed, all about kids growing up chasing adventures.

5. Boot off. Aprons On.

The Broken Hill School of the Air has put out an awesome cookbook and this is their instagram account. It all looks soooo good! I've got a copy of the cookbook and it's just lovely...slowly trying out recipes haha!

6. Elders

I used to work for Elders and each year they run a photography competition for their yearly calendar. I was lucky enough to have an image in the calendar once! Their instagram feed is full of images that have been entered in past competitions, some very talented photographers here.

7. Pink Tractor

Pink Tractor is American based but so many of their posts resonate with me! From inspirational quotes to farm funnies, I seriously love this feed!

8. Central NSW Tourism

The instagram account for Central NSW Tourism is fabulous for local photography promoting the local area. If you're passing through the area add #unearthcentralnsw to your intagram photos!

9. Jumbled

Everything you ever wanted to put in your home is on this feed somewhere! I love seeing all the funky new products Jumbled stocks.

10. Greg Johnson

So right up high on my bucketlist is storm chasing in the US! Watching this feed just fuels that desire more & more. If tornado and storm photography fascinate you as much as me, this one is a must!

11. Peony Addict

Just because it's so pretty!

12. ABC Open

If you haven't heard of ABC Open, you are missing out! They have some of the most stunning photos submitting by people from all over Australia.

13. Outback Creative

Photography & art from lots of very talented people are shared here. It's a fantastic collective or artists to follow!

14. Far West Living Magazine

This is a new magazine focusing on the far west areas of NSW and wow can they find some stunning images to share on their feed!

15. Farmer From Downunder

Some amazing aerial photography from a local farmer. His images of the floods last year are spectacular and show beauty amidst the devastation. Well worth checking out!

The Old Grain Shed. One of my images that appear in the Outback Creative feed :)

The Old Grain Shed. One of my images that appear in the Outback Creative feed :)