Mentoring & why you should do it!

Mentoring is one of the only reasons I am still in business now. Big call hey!

Right at the point when I made the tough (but exciting!!!!) decision to throw in my very secure and well paying corporate job to start running my photography business fulltime (in regional area where I knew no-one...eek!), the opportunity to be mentored by another very successful photographer came up.

It was alot of money at the time so it took me a couple of days to actually hit the "pay now" button and kick it all off. I look back now and think that it really was money well spent!

Undertaking mentoring from someone else in your field with alot more experience than you have is an invaluable tool to becoming successful.

I undertook mentoring with Clare Stephens from Your Life Through A Lens Photography, which lasted for the first 6 months of running my own photography business fulltime. The access to an experienced photographer and smart businesswoman as well as the other photographers in our group was just what I needed to steer me in the right direction with my business. From marketing to pricing, social media to blogging ideas we covered the lot.

The key part of mentoring is accountability. Some of us creative people need that in truckloads at times haha! To have someone in regular contact with you to motivate you and check on your progress I felt was vital to my business within that first 6 months. Best of all it got me starting off on the right foot, which I am forever grateful for!

So, if you have the chance to take up mentoring from someone amazing in your it!

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