Giving back.

I once heard someone say that to help them deal with their own depression they started helping people who were worse off than they were.

That statement put things into perspective for me at the time and I headed off to drought affected areas of northern NSW to meet & photograph farmers. My intention was to donate my time and photography to Aussie Helpers so that they could use the photos to create awareness about what was happening and help raise further funds for them.

It ended up being a trip more about the farming families I met, just being a new face for them to talk to & being made to feel so welcome even in the toughest of circumstances was amazing. I loved feeling like I was helping and it really pushed me to look at my own life and make changes to be happier. I've also made friends for life around Lightning Ridge!

So, I thought I'd share with you a few of the charities that I love and that you should check out too! (You might notice a theme here....they're all helping out people in the bush!)

Royal Flying Doctor Service

- Absolute lifesavers for anyone in the bush, be it a local or a tourist, who needs emergency medical care.

Little Wings

- Fly sick kids to & from specialist medical treatment at Children's hospitals for free. When you live regional or remote and have a sick child these people are lifesavers.

Aussie Helpers

- Help out farmers that are struggling for any number of reasons, particularly during drought and more recently helping dairy farmers.

Drought Angels

- Help out farmers struggling through drought. They really are angels!

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

- If you haven't heard of Brendan Farrell and his team, check them out. These guys regularly put together upwards of 100 trucks of donated hay to help out drought affected farmers in Queensland.