Little Farmers

You might have seen my first book called What Does A Farmer Look Like? published in August 2018, well I’m now working on my second book which is called Little Farmers!

This book will focus on farm life as told by kids. I have visited lots of different kids living on many different types of farms and have learned all about their farms from their perspective.

Some kids I’ve met I am sure I will see take leadership roles in agriculture in the future, some kids already have their own farm business and some kids just love farm life & are bursting at the seems to tell you all about it! This project is one that has made me smile and I’m sure you will too when you see this book.

Here’s a few photos from the project so far!

I’m hoping that the book will be finished in time for Christmas 2019 but I’ll just have to see how I go getting it done! I can’t wait to share it with the world!

You can follow the project on the facebook page for the book at and if you haven’t seen the What Does A Farmer Look Like? book or you’d like to purchase a copy, please visit the website